Michael A. Burstein's "Friends Across the Net" Newsletter

HEADLINE: "Cosmic Corkscrew" In Stores Now!


Hello once again to all my friends! The main point of this issue is to remind you all that the June 1998 ANALOG has finally hit the bookstores, and in it you can find my tribute to Isaac Asimov, "Cosmic Corkscrew." One word of warning: starting with this issue, ANALOG has gone to a slightly larger format, so your local bookstore may have moved it to a different place on the rack.


Next month, the July/August ANALOG will publish my story "In Space, No One Can Hear," in which a Deaf man saves a space shuttle full of passengers. You won't want to miss this one!


In other professional news, I am pleased to announce that I have been elected Secretary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, or SFWA, for a one-year term beginning on July 1, 1998. I have also been elected Vice-President of the New England Science Fiction Association, for a term which runs until next May.


* Bucconeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention (Baltimore, MD, August 5-9, 1998; http://bucconeer.worldcon.o rg)

Not only will I be at Bucconeer, but a story I wrote in collaboration with Stanley Schmidt (the editor of ANALOG) will be published in the convention's Guest of Honor book, as Stanley Schmidt is one of the Guests of Honor. More information as I get it.

And one more reminder to all members of Bucconeer: my novelette "Broken Symmetry" has been nominated for the Hugo Award, and is available to read on the web at


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-- Michael A. Burstein