MABFAN NEWSLETTER # 44 (January 2005)

Michael A. Burstein's "Friends Across the Net" Newsletter


In 2004 I published two stories:


Nomi and I will be at two upcoming conventions:

We also plan to be at Readercon in early July.


I am pleased to announce that the new science fiction and fantasy webzine Reflection's Edge is featuring an interview with me as the lead for the second issue. The issue is at, or you can go directly to the interview at As the blurb reads: "Six-time Hugo Award nominee Michael A. Burstein gives an exclusive RE interview and discusses his writing style, his Jewish perspective on science fiction, and why he should always listen to his wife."


As the new calendar year begins, so does the science fiction awards process. I'd like to take a moment to remind all my regular readers of two awards that you can have a voice in deciding.

Needless to say (but I say it every year), I have a vested interest in readers of mine participating in these two ballots. However, even if you're not planning to vote for any of my stories, I still encourage you to check it out. The more people who vote, the more meaningful the results.


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-- Michael A. Burstein