MABFAN NEWSLETTER # 39 (December 2003)

Michael A. Burstein's "Friends Across the Net" Newsletter

As I sit here, writing this newsletter, the Boston area is still in the middle of one of the largest snowstorms we've had since...well, since February, but I got to ride that one out in New York City. Welcome to another issue, just a month after the previous one. There's one new story here, confirmation of my appearance in Cambridge next week, a follow-up to a hint I made last issue...and reminders for those of you who wish to participate in the science fiction awards process. Read on!


One new story is appearing this month:

As a reminder, the two stories that I mentioned last month are still available:



Last issue, I dropped the hint of a title of a story I was hoping to have more news about, "Time Ablaze." I am pleased to announce that "Time Ablaze," my first solo novella since "Reality Check" (Analog, November 1999), will be appearing in the June 2004 ANALOG. I'm hoping to have even more to say about that, but I do want to leave a few surprises for later...



As the calendar year comes to an end, the time for the science fiction awards process begins. I'd like to take a moment to remind all my regular readers of two awards that you can have a voice in deciding.


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