MABFAN NEWSLETTER # 31 (December 2001)

Michael A. Burstein's "Friends Across the Net" Newsletter

So we reach the end of the year 2001. May the year 2002 be better for all of us.


In the year 2000 I managed to publish seven stories. This past year, I only managed to publish four:

Of course, the biggest news was that "Kaddish for the Last Survivor" (Analog, November 2000) generated a lot of interest. It came in second in both the Analog magazine AnLab awards and in the Hugo Awards. And, as the year begins, it's on the preliminary ballot for next year's Nebula Award.


And, speaking of awards, once again it's the season for both AnLab voting and Hugo nominating, and I want to remind people to vote.

First the AnLab. Every year, Analog magazine polls their readers for the best fiction they published. The winners receive the Analytical Laboratory Award, also called the AnLab. Readers used to have to mail in a ballot; now Analog also takes votes on-line. Anyone on this list who is a regular reader of Analog can make their choices known by going to and casting their votes. All voters are entered in a drawing for a one-year subscription to the magazine.

As for the Hugos, this year's Worldcon, ConJose, has placed the nominating ballots for both the Hugos and the Retro-Hugos at their website, If you were a member of last year's Worldcon, the Millennium Philcon, or are a member of ConJose, you can print out the ballot, fill it out with the stories you would like to see nominated for the Hugo, and mail it in. The deadline for this is the end of March; however, if you're not yet a member of ConJose, you can still fill out a ballot as long as you purchase a Worldcon membership before January 31.

Needless to say, I have a vested interest in readers of mine participating in these two ballots. However, even if you're not planning to vote for any of my stories, I still encourage you to check it out. The more people who vote, the more meaningful the results.


"In Her Image" to Analog, probably to appear in the latter third of 2002. More information as I get it.



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-- Michael A. Burstein