MABFAN NEWSLETTER # 18 (November 1999)

Michael A. Burstein's "Friends Across the Net" Newsletter


Well, we may still have another month until the Gregorian year 2000 begins, but according to magazine publishing schedules, that year has already started. As of November 23, the January 2000 issue of ANALOG is on the stands, their 70th anniversary issue. And, as you all already know, my one-page short-short "Whose Millennium?" appears in that issue. There's a lot of other good stuff in this special issue, including a new novella by Hal Clement, and stories by Larry Niven, Ben Bova, and David Brin.

And, as it turns out, "Whose Millennium?" kicks off almost half a year of Burstein stories in ANALOG. Here's the list:

And, of course, the filler piece "If Ben Franklin Had Gotten His Way" is still to be scheduled.

So there goes my inventory. Looks like I'd better get some more stories written soon...


It's an odd day indeed when a big piece of news for a writer is an announcement of improvements in advertising, but hey, sometimes that's the way it is. Last month, I registered my own domain name, to make it easier for people interested in my writing to find out more about it. So instead of having to remember, one simple catch phrase is all anyone will need.

The brand new web page URL is (wait for it):

That's right! has now become my official home on the World Wide Web. Although the site will continue to be mirrored at for a short time, I would ask that if any of you maintain a link to my webpage (or to something on my webpage), please change that link to as soon as possible.


Nomi and I weren't able to make it to World Fantasy Convention, unfortunately, but we do hope to be at a few events next year, to wit: