MABFAN NEWSLETTER # 11 (July 1998)

Michael A. Burstein's "Friends Across the Net" Newsletter

HEADLINE: "Absent Friends" Is Now Out In ANALOG


As I write this, it is the middle of July, which of course means that the September 1998 ANALOG is about to hit the stores. And in it is my latest novelette, "Absent Friends." This story is the sequel to my current Hugo nominee, "Broken Symmetry." As I mentioned before, this story is about a high school teacher, Jack Levinson, who jumps through a Gate to a parallel universe to find another version of his best friend, fellow teacher Daniel Strock (who died in an explosion in the first story). What I didn't know until now (because I hadn't seen the issue) is that the interior art accompanying the story is fantastic. It's by Randy Asplund-Faith, the same artist who illustrated "Broken Symmetry." It shows the Gate in the background, and the warping effect it has on Jack as he passes through it with a photograph of Daniel.

I'm really pleased by this story, and I hope you will be too.


Next month, Bucconeer, the current World Science Fiction Convention, will be publishing a Guest of Honor book, and as I mentioned before, one of the stories in that book will be my collaboration with Stanley Schmidt, "The Parallels of Penzance." For those of you going to Worldcon, you will be able to buy a copy of the book there. As for those of you not going, I'm still not sure how available the book will be. I'm presuming that they'll let people order copies after the convention is over, since I doubt that they'll sell out (even though it's a limited run). I'll try to have details in August, which I'll post to this list.

However, I'm also willing to try an experiment. If anyone out there is desperately interested in getting a copy of the book, let me know and I'll try to pick one up for you at Worldcon. There's going to be a $25 hardcover and a $10 softcover version (from what I last knew), so be sure to let me know which one you'd like me to get. I will have to ask you to pay me back on the cost of buying and mailing the book.

Conversely, anyone who wishes to contct Bucconeer directly and ask them about the availability of the Guest of Honor Book after the convention has my blessing.

I should also note that from what I understand, "Nor Through Inaction," my collaboration with Shamus-nominated writer Charles Ardai, will be in the October 1998 ANALOG. That's right; for those of you keeping track at home, I'm having four stories in a row in ANALOG. Of course, that burns my current inventory, but it still suggests that you might want to consider getting a subscription, since most of my short fiction will probably continue to appear in ANALOG. If you want more infomation about the magazine, by the way, do check out their website, at


* Bucconeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention (Baltimore, MD, August 5-9, 1998;

Not only will I be at Bucconeer, but I now have a preliminary panel schedule, which I figured I would share with all of you. Keep in mind that the schedules do sometimes change before the convention, so if you are actually looking for me at Bucconeer, you might want to check the program book at con. Where to find me at Bucconeer:


8/5/98 1:00 PM Reading

Burstein, Michael A.


8/6/98 10:00 AM Kaffeeklatch

Burstein, Michael A.

Levinson, Paul


8/6/98 1:00 PM "What is SFWA?"

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America... What do they do? Who do they do it for? Why should you care? Come hear the all the secret pro stuff.


Burstein, Michael A.

Capobianco, Michael

Crispin, A. C.

Lee, Sharon

Sawyer, Robert J. (m)

Strock, Ian Randal


8/7/98 11:00 AM "Using SF to Teach Science"

Teaching science to Middle through High School, and how to use SF to help.


Brett-Surman, Dr. Michael K.

Burstein, Michael A.

Clement, Hal

Heyer, Inge

Olson, Priscilla (m)


8/7/98 1:00 PM "Extrapolating Known Science into Science Fiction"

Science fiction stories often break the known laws of physics. The keyword is "known," for today's science fiction can become tomorrow's reality. While it is true that no law of physics should get in the way of a good story, often the most interesting stories use speculative physics which can not be easily dismissed as nonsense.


Burstein, Michael A.

Kofoed, Karl

Kratz, Dave

Miller, Ron

Strock, Ian Randal (m)


8/7/98 8:00 PM Hugo Awards

The Science Fiction Achievement Awards are fandom's highest honor to thosewho create the work welove. Come join us in celebrating the best of our field.


8/8/98 2:00 PM "How to Become Invisible"

From fairy tales to H.G. Wells, we have always loved stories about people becoming invisible. Our panel discusses a variety of ways, scientific and silly, that humans might accomplish this wonder. Join this exercise in creative thinking.


Barton, William

Burstein, Michael A. (m)

Chase, Sabrina

Niven, Larry

Spencer, Henry


8/9/98 10:00 AM "Analog Mafia"

The "Analog Mafia" consists of hard SF writers who are frequent contributors to the genre's preeminent magazine of hard SF. Come hear them talk about why they're hooked on hard SF.


Asaro, Catherine

Burstein, Michael A.

Klein, Jay Kay

Levinson, Paul

Schmidt, Stanley (m)



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